The unfolding nationalization of the WWW by the implementation of Russia’s “Sovereign Internet” policy:

In November 2019, Vladimir Putin’s regime introduced new regulations that create a legal framework for centralized state management of the internet within Russia’s borders… The regulations are expected to accelerate the fragmentation of the global internet and to increase Russian reliance on Chinese technology. More

Icarus – the fall of hubris

In theory Russia’s  “Sovereign Internet Law” will enable the erection of “digital borders” to isolate the nation from a “global” internet to help circumvent foreign threats and sanctions by the implementation of a domestic domain name system. If these polices are successful it will likely unleash the demise of Big Tech and the WWW as we know it.

If history is any guide, China erected a physical wall around its borders in the past. If the current conflict escalates it is safe to assume that the nation will erect an online fire-wall around its political borders that will likely contribute the unraveling of the “global” economy and the New World Order.


A Tower of Babel