Antonio Michele Rizzotti was born in Tangier International. At the age of two he moved to his ancestral town of Spilimbergo, Italy, with his parents, Giuseppe Rizzotti and Elda Pietrella, and lived there until the age of five. His father immigrated to Montreal Canada and Michael crossed the Atlantic with his mother and sister to join his father a few years later.

In Montreal he attended French school until university. He enrolled at Loyola College in economics. He switched to theology one year later. He graduated with a Bachelor in Arts with a major in theology and a minor in English literature.

He enrolled at the partment de Sciences des Religions at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). The department applied a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of religion (phenomenology, sociology, history and anthropology of religion were among the many approaches used). His masters’ thesis L’Interprétation Religieuse de l’Origine Mythique de la Nationalité consisted in showing that the inauguration of monuments in honor of national heroes were civil rituals that  mythologized historic heroes and consecrated political ideology.

He currently lives in Southern California with his wife Michelle.

He’s the author of:  God, Myth, and Metaphor: The Profane Reality of the Goddess.

The Net Age web site was first published in 1999.


Yin and yang


Portrait of an artist as a young man


The picture of Dorian Grey

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