Closer; The Fixx

Burn a bridge, blow up a car
Torch a flag, I’d bear the scar
Hustle for peace, settle for less
Fundamentals make their beds
The battle lost is irony
Dumbing down, what’s in it for me?
After lunch, I’ll surf the web
Believing everything I’ve read

Getting closer
Don’t you feel closer?

This gaping monster of apathy
Tell me man, what is it to be?
Is freedom of choice, a choice or not?
There’s so much to lose, many have not
The pressure builds, anger grows
Blows the lid as it overthrows
Blind rage, counting down
Law and order’s lost the tow

Getting closer
Getting closer
Getting closer
How far from closer?
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah

Gas or electric fuel Noah’s Ark
This is where I get off, fools disembark
Left behind at paper and pen
Revolution invents again
We’re free as far as we can throw the key
A prison of reason makes room for me
Strike a chord, hit a nerve
Not fit for purpose or to serve

Well, is it a bird? Is it a drone?
A violent peace protects our home
Talking robots or are we clones?
Self-deluded on a smart dumb phone
Why cast a spell when you can send a text?
Mesmerized and we’ve all been hexed
Now the targets where we shop
I’m overdosing as the penny drops

And it’s getting closer
Don’t you feel closer?
Getting closer
Far from closer
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah

No sir
Don’t you feel
Come a little closer
Don’t you feel

The European Union’s Achilles’ Heel

Lord Ismay, NATO’s first secretary, explained in clear terms the organization’s purpose: “Keep the Russians out, the Americans in and the Germans down.” A goal that reflects the collective West’s making sure to keep Germany from having any energy or economic cooperation with Russia (keep Germany down, and Russia out).

Emmanuel Todd’s assessment of a political realignment of a USA+UK/Poland/Kiev axis complies with NATO’s goal to keep Germany in check but overshadows a major NATO member; France. It’s exclusion from the axis is compounded by anglo-sphere’s Five-Eyes: English speaking countries Intelligence Oversight and Review Alliance Council (US, UK, Canada, Australian and New Zealand). An alliance that spied on Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, and on other political European leaders.

In 2017 President Emmanuel Macron proposed a military alliance outside NATO consisting of 13 countries: European Intervention Initiative (EII), a defense system with France at its helm. The coalition did not see the day because Germany and the US opposed it.

The shunning of France is somewhat confirmed by Australia’s 2021 purchase cancellation of a fleet of French made submarines in favor the acquisition of nuclear-powered ones built by US and British manufacturers.

NATO recently held a 7,000 troop “war games” in France to fight a potential “all-out NATO land war with Russia”. A growing number of French citizens view the military exercise as a veiled occupation of France.

Under president Charles de Gaulle’s leadership, France withdrew from NATO’s integrated military command in 1966. The country rejoined in 2009. France is the only EU country with nuclear weapons (UK is no longer part of EU). The country has a strong standing army and thriving domestic defense/arms industry.

During the Conference of Yalta, Crimea, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and USSR Premier Joseph Stalin met after the victory against Hitler to carve up east Germany and eastern Europe, under Soviet control and western Europe, under US supervision. None of the heads of state at Yalta were European political leaders. General de Gaulle was not invited even though he played a crucial role in coordinating the resistance in France.

President Macron, a WEF’s young global leader, was elected because of his unique French imperial perspective about the European Union (EU). Macron was able to conflate a grandiose globalist perspective while taking into account France’s central role it plays within Europe. Macron was perceived by the French people as representing a grand dream of a continental Europe.

In his best selling book Le Mirage Mondialiste author Olivier Piacentini writes of a globalist media coup d’etat during 2017 French elections. Macron won the election against favorite political candidate Francois Fillon, who a few weeks prior to the election, was smeared in embezzlement accusations propagated by corporate media.

During his second term, Emmanuel Macron is no longer a popular leader. He won his last election but he lost control of the National Assembly. The perception among voters has shifted. He is seen as a globalist rather than a French sovereignist. Furthermore, the war in Ukraine has alienated the French people about NATO and EU’s original purposes, which according to former president Francois Hollande was created to prevent another European war.

Rumors are floating that Macron feels politically marginalized and he will resign his position. Under the current geopolitical circumstances Macron looks more like marechal Philippe Petain than general Charles de Gaulle, leaving the possibility of a Gaullist political candidate will emerge to challenge a superficial legitimacy of the EU and NATO.

Seymour Hersh’s article How America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline alleges that a NATO member is responsible for a military operation against another NATO member. If proven true, the sabotage will have legal repercussions for the countries involved and can potentially jeopardize the organization’s unity. The pipeline story was big news in Germany and Western Europe, not in the US. The attack will be recognized for what it is: An act of economy war against Germany and Europe’s farmers, small and mid-sizes businesses.

Prior to the release of the Hersh’s article Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande both revealed that there was no plans to comply with the Minsk peace agreement in order to buy time to rearm Ukraine to fight Russia. The question here is why admit to a breach of trust? Unless the two leaders were confessing a tacit opposition to globalist and neocons’ role in fomenting Ukraine’s war against Russia.

Merkel and Hollande’s admission about the Minsk fallout is a sign of underlying stress within the EU. Other cracks appear to be emerging. In France, several former French generals are voicing their opposition to the war in Ukraine. In Hungary, its prime minister, Victor Orban recently “relieved of their duties” 170 NATO aligned generals in order “to ensure that political loyalty is the guiding principle in the Hungarian armed forces from now on”.

Macron’s unilateral support of the proxy war in Ukraine without consulting the national assembly and his pension reform, reveals he is not overly concerned about jeopardizing his popularity among French voters. He actions shows he aligns himself with the corporate elites that gather at Davos. His positions makes him highly eligible for an cushy position within global institutions like the IMF, the UN or NATO

The war in Ukraine is unsettling a political union. It is stirring up old animosity between Poland and Germany. It will likely revive historic division between Flanders and Wallonia in Belgium. Flanders is located in the northern parts of the country and speaks a Dutch variation called Flemish. Whereas Wallonia to the south, has a population that speaks a French dialect. Brussels’, its capital, is where NATO’s and EU’s headquarters are located. Belgium has been patiently patched up together by the creation of countless bureaucratic jobs.

The farmers’ protests in the Netherlands and more recently in Flanders demonstrates that the state and regional governments are implementing EU policies at the behest of globalist WEF elites.

The war in Ukraine is diverting valuable domestic resources. And the pipeline sabotage is an indirect attack against farmers, small and medium size businesses (SMB) that represent ~70% of the economy. The extent of the damage done to the grassroots economy will become more apparent as the effects of the sanctions unfold. And will expose the a growing alienation between a superficial political elite and citizens.

France and Germany have made unsuccessful incursions into Russia in the past. France with Napoleon in 1812 and Hitler in 1941. Both imperial invasion have failed and led to the demise of their leaders and the collapse of their regime.

The current globalist proxy war against Russia is an attempt to foment the dissolution of the Russia Federation in order to buy out the country’s domestic industries and take over the natural resources as a way to salvage the collective West’s debt ridden economies. And to propagate a globalist uni-polar hegemony.

The war will accelerate the perception that the EU is a superficial organization, and a useless additional layer of administrative bureaucracy that is aligned with trans-national corporate interests rather than representing the interests of the people.

Victoria Nuland’s infamous remark of “F*ck the EU” will be shared by a growing number citizens belonging to various European countries. If the past is any guide of the future, France will likely be the first country to opt out of the EU and NATO and lead southern countries to join an emerging Eurasian economic cooperation and alliance.

The Times Are a-Changin’

I suspect the changes to come will not comply with the global elite’s desires.

Come gather ’round people
Whenever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you
Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’


Enemies; Foreign & Domestic

Comments made by Col. Douglas Mcgregor on “On Huge Offensive; Destroy the Lines of Defense”
The comments at ~11 minutes into the video.

“I read a document written by $0R0$ more than ten years ago, in which he spoke specifically about this total war that would eventually be fought against Russia because he said that it was “the last nationalist state that rests on a foundation of Orthodox Christian culture with Russian identity at its core. It must be eliminated”.

So I think Western officials and Washington officials think that they have succeeded in destroying the identity of European and American peoples, that we have no sense of ourselves, that our borders are undefended, that we put up no resistance to migrants from the developing world who crush us as if we owe them a life and our laws do not matter.

So far, I would say that’s an accurate assessment of what we’ve done. And I think that’s a big win for $0R0$ and the globalists, the anti-nationalists; those who want open borders they call an “open society” because you end up with nothing, an amorphous mass of people struggling to survive and reduced to the lowest levels of subsistence… ($0R0$) even goes so far to say how useful it would be for Eastern Europeans to lose their lives in this process and not for Western Europeans who simply do not want to accept the losses. This is not a minor issue. That’s the kind of thinking that’s so destructive and so evil, in my opinion, that’s what we’re really dealing with in our own countries and I think Putin recognizes that…”

Original article/content on Reseau International