Symbols on the US Dollar: What They Reveal About How the Dollar Became the Reserve Currency of the World

The US dollar has come a long way since its introduction in 1792. Over time, it evolved into the world’s reserve currency, holding the highest level of confidence and liquidity, surpassing all other currencies in circulation. In times of geopolitical turmoil and a lack of trust in other monetary systems, the US dollar becomes the currency of choice of foreigners and foreign institutions that convert and park their money in US dollars. When we handle these Federal Reserve Notes, we overlook the symbols that adorn them. They hold some answers to why the US dollar attained its dominant status and is the most recognized currency in the world. Click here to view document.

Superman: A Mythical American

Superman is the unfurling narrative of an American identity. It’s a portrait of integration and of adulation of power. The story of a child of alien origin who lands in the USA. He is raised as an American with a dual personality: As a journalist in his day-to-day life and as an elusive super-hero with other-worldly powers. He is a model alien/immigrant who uses his might to defend American values. As such, Superman has evolved as the quintessential mythical hero beloved by the masses…

Book of Job: A Vision of God

This essay is among the more popular on this site. It outlines the principle of the Lord-victim. Job who at the beginning of the story was God’s preferred character, is suddenly and for no reason, cast out of favor. Our hero who once at the top of system that he controlled is now an outcast and rejected from that world. As a pariah, he sees the system as an outsider and is able to perceive the whole reality of lordship and victim.

Creation and Goddess Symbols in Genesis 1-3

A mythical exploration on the meaning of creation disclosing obscure goddess symbols in Genesis II, followed by a discourse on the drama of the fall of Adam and Eve.

The Olympic Games: Consecrating Globalization

We have come a long way since the first Olympic Games were held in ancient Greece. The original Olympiads were essentially a ceremony created in honor of Zeus, the dominant god of the Greek pantheon. Today the Olympics have become an international sporting event involving most countries on the planet.

Mary Magdalene, Metaphorical Tower and the Good News

In addition to his twelve disciples Jesus had a group of devoted women followers. Mary Magdalene stands out by the number of times her name is mentioned in the Gospels. She’s the first among all the disciples to acknowledge the resurrected body of Christ. Throughout history her image has been popular in art…

Apostle Paul’s Spiritual Experience: A Universal Manner of Being

No matter if one is religious or agnostic, Paul’s letters are compelling pieces of literature. Part confession, part exhortation, and part reprimand, his epistles are a gripping expression of a call to duty in the face of what the Apostle perceived to be an eminent end of days…