It’s interesting to see how a new type of addiction develops. And how it evolves. Pinball machines were a physical prelude to the current online multi-billion dollar gaming business, which is played by approximately two-thirds of American people. It’s noteworthy to observe that among gamers, some display symptoms that are typically associated with addictive behavior.

Divide to conquer

The widespread use of computers and handheld devices prompted a major shift in people’s allocation of time to rely on the World Wide Web to conduct their personal and business activities. A swift change of behavior that is unprecedented in human history. A move that favors online dependence on an all-knowing, otherworldly source of interaction and influence. A transformation that is having an inconspicuous impact on the behavior of a captive audience.

Compulsive browsing makes individuals literally turn their backs on their physical environment. To ignore a world that is essential to human spiritual, emotional and economic well-being. An isolation that is a common trait among addicts suffering from drug abuse, alcoholism, sex addiction, money fixation/greed and compulsive gambling.

A Big Tech online dependency exposes a more pervasive and insidious condition among people who are hooked on the world-wide spying/spider web. A system that puts profits ahead of people by confining them into their sphere of influence: By spying on consumers’ buying habits to direct purchases and with data collection on searches to sway political action.

Quasi Totalitarian Device

There is no consensus among mental health professionals that online video game fixation is an “impulsive control disorder” similar to other known addictions. Yet, online dependence displays similar symptoms like; fear, aloofness, loneliness, anxiety, depression, identity confusion and an individual’s alienation from their social environment. Users with these symptoms are trapped in a global containment, captive of an invisible sphere of influence.

Whereas global, from the word globe, implies a self-contained sphere with a well defined border. A globe embraces the totality of items within the confines of its circle. Hence, it is totalitarian by design. A globe is oblivious to reality that lies outside its perimeters. It separates and shields a monopolistic doctrine from the outer world/reality of an ever-expansive universe.

The more pernicious symptom of online confinement is the separation of individuals from their human physical environment, mostly family, friends, local associations and the grassroots economy. A cult-like power “that shapes and controls the scale and form of human association and action” that promotes a global corporate doctrine over the economy, culture and politics.

This fact merely underlines the point that “the medium is the message” because it is the medium that shapes and controls the scale and form of human association and action. Marshall McLuhan

Medium, Message & Content

Global containment

The Internet and the WWW have transcended traditional forms of communication. The web has ushered innovations and economic benefits unparalleled in human history. Unfortunately, Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of the web as a universal tool for good has been altered by greedy billionaire who are intoxicated by the power of the world-wide spying/spider web has over the globe.

The Internet still has valuable qualities for all of us if we take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves from predatory indoctrination and control. Some steps should be taken to preserve our personal freedom, destiny and humanity.


Restore your privacy
Bypass the spying/spider web with email activism
Use a browser like Brave
Support your local grassroots economy, local small businesses and restaurants
Support independent journalism and podcasts
Use an open-source operating system for your personal use like Ubuntu, or Tails
Use privacy friendly email account like
Support your local church, temple, mosque or synagogue or any other spiritual community:
Love your neighbor like yourself