The Mythical Quest for Independence

A mythical quest of a paradise lost by the people of Quebec. Their lone search for cultural affirmation and recognition in a North American Anglo dominium.


A Preface to The Quest for Independence

Biographical notes as a prelude to the article on The Mythical Quest for Independence.


Zuni Cosmology

This short essay allows us to display a splendid Zuni mythology. In many respects,
the Zuni represent a beautiful example of the aboriginal cultures that thrived in North America. It allows us to disclose the Zuni’s conception of the world which was created long before the West made its imprint on the whole continent.


Linux: An Open-Source Dynamic

Linux operating system reveals how open-source systems are emerging as an alternate form of governance challenging the top-down system by a synergetic force that gravitates around a self-regulating center, where the “good” of the whole system is the primary goal, dislocating the “individual” as the center of attention.


Faltering Hierarchies and the Emergence of Open Source

Hierarchy in governance is the most elusive power scheme. Although the power is eminently present, it is invisible and unfathomable. The tier top-down levels of control is so efficient that it has survived and expanded since the beginning of civilization; a control system that is consistently confused with the power of God.


A Discourse on Spirituality

Additional comments on the basic principles of the sacred, the profane and the wholly other that have been outlined elsewhere on this web site.


Net Art: The Pioneers of the Net

A rehashing of an article posted on Unita Online about pioneer artists of the Internet.



Two tricksters that have used the Internet to their advantage in diverting people to their own web site by impersonating popular brand names. In folklore and mythology, the trickster is mostly portrayed in the guise of a fox or a coyote. Tricksters typically play pranks on unsuspecting characters of a story by breaking normal rules of conduct.


Bottom’s up

How bottom-up systems can exist without a leader and thrive on self coordination and emergence. Bottom-up systems present a challenge to the ancestral top-down hierarchies that have ruled the world through control, secrecy, violence and conquest.



A short piece on how the advent of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) has dismantled the idea authority.