I don’t remember who said “when the Internet encounters censure it bypasses it”. By Net I don’t mean the World Wide Spying Web, but the hardware that interconnects the communication network.

During a RevelationRadioNews.com podcast, the hosts Tim and Andrew and their guest brought up the interesting point that Big Tech’s censure, especially since covid-19’s scare, has triggered a proliferation of podcasts and alternative video streaming apps that did not exist prior to the mediated virus.

One of these days I’ll get to write the piece that’s been brewing in my mind for a while that describes that this globally propagated virus is an implicit declaration of war against the nation-state. This is evidenced by censure that violates citizens’ rights protected by the US Constitution and the division within the government(s) between the globalists and the patriots.

The scare tactics, or psychological warfare implemented by a foreign body against the US and its Constitution, has generated a widespread reaction among American viewers and listeners that triggered a growth of alternative sources of news, forums, opinions and open discussions.

It seems to me that the US is at a political crossroad: And the spread alternative news outlets is akin to the underground use and distribution of pamphlets during the war of Independence.

Good article in Off-Guardian.org by CJ Hopkins, Manufacturing (New Normal) “Reality”