A message from Dr. Robert Epstein, American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT)

Hi, Everyone,

Thanks to the expert efforts and hard work of our dedicated team of recruiters, I’m happy to report that we are have successfully been adding between 30 and 60 people a day to our nationwide panel of field agents – a politically-balanced group of registered voters – who are helping us monitor the content that Big Tech companies are sending to people in the US.

These are real American heroes, in my view. We’re now preserving Big Tech ephemeral content through their computers 24 hours a day, and yes, we’re finding strong evidence of bias, censorship, and indoctrination. We have so far recruited 11,152 field agents in all 50 states, and we preserved more than 38 million ephemeral experiences – content that is used to manipulate us and our children and that is normally lost forever.

And we’ve hit a new milestone! We have now reached our minimum goals for having representative samples of voters in 10 states, with an 11th coming soon! By having representative samples of registered voters in all 50 states, our data will be admissible as evidence in court proceedings, and our “Digital Shield” will make Google-and-the-Gang accountable to the public for the first time! And it’s about time!

Again, my sincere thanks to our dedicated staff, as well as to you, our followers and supporters for believing in our work. Without the monitoring we do and the basic research we conduct, Google-and-the-Gang would be able to continue their manipulations in complete secrecy, undermining the integrity of our elections and indoctrinating our precious children without anyone having a clue about what they’re doing.

Beginning in 2024, we’re going to stop them!


Dr. Robert Epstein


Mind Control