I took the picture attached several months ago. I didn’t make much of it back then except I thought it was funny. The photo lingered on my mind until I realized it represents a rivalry between two segments of the economy. My guess is that the sneering at hybrid vehicles reveals an annoyance at the self-righteousness of people who believe they are doing something about the climate change and overlooking the reality of the manpower that sustains the economy.

The first question that comes to mind is the type of workforce these two types of vehicles represent. Pickup trucks are for the most part used by farmers, construction workers, small and medium size business, etc. Mostly comprised of self-employed people and independent contractors that are self-sufficient and don’t rely on any government handouts. This segment represents a grassroots economy that generates the bulk of the US economy.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) are typically used by people who work for the government or any other administrative institution. They are for the most part desk jobs. It’s safe to say that bureaucrats have no clue what it means to start a business. They don’t realize the monetary risk taken by small business owners. And the amount of time it takes to run a business. Or the payroll responsibility they have to their employees.

Pickup trucks are a modern version of carts and wagons used by settlers. The pioneers were followed by a wave of immigrants who traveled on wagon trains and prairies schooners that over the centuries migrated throughout the country and built the US economy.

People’s entrepreneurial spirit is at the origin of America’s economic power. Government administrative state grew exponentially since the first settlers planted the seed of US’ super power. A status that is threatened by devastating government policies to curb the use of fossil fuel needed to run the grassroots economy.

The threat is being implemented by environmental sustainable governance. Policies that have sabotaged the distribution, exploration and drilling plans of the energy sector. Combined with lockdowns that wrought havoc in the supply chains of skilled workers, products and services.

The Biden administration is planning to choke a vital energy sector to meet a climate change doomsday scenario dictated by a foreign institution like the World Economic Forum. The presidency signaled its intention to use executive order to curb carbon fossil exploration and production that will drive fuel prices higher potentially destroying the economy.

There is no availability of HEV trucks on the market to replace the current pickup trucks. These vehicles don’t match the power and mileage range of current trucks to haul people, goods and materials.

When Henri Ford introduced the T-model he did not have any government directive to do so. Buyers replaced their horse and carriages because consumer wanted to buy motor cars. The transition between the use of carriages and horse-powered vehicles went on smoothly, without the need of a self-inflected destruction of the grassroots economy.

Pickups represent the biggest number of vehicle sales in the US. In 2019 sales of Ford F-series, GM Chevrolet and Sierras models, and Dodge Ram, totaled ~2.3 million units. Whereas HEV sales, including all makes and models, totaled ~400,000. Statistics shows how important the pickup grassroots economy is. If you mess with their business, you do it at your own risks.

Misguided climate policies does not take into account how the real economy works: Getting rid of fossil fuel and of vehicles using gasoline like pick-up trucks is hurting the grassroots economy as well as the whole economy.