Life is cyclical. We human beings are born, we grow, we mature, we eventually degenerate and die. The same goes for animals and plants. A similar cyclical pattern applies to physics. Planets move in a cyclical manner. We have a day and night. There are low and high tides. Light and sound move in waves, so on and so forth… One gets the picture.

Life flourishes, then it embarks in a slow decay and the cycle ebbs, it ends and a new cycle begins…

The same can be said of the World Wide Web (WWW). It began as a great communication system between a few computer at CERN, it expanded exponentially allowing a majority of people on the planet to communicate and do business.

The Web started out as an innovative communication tool. It developed quickly into a global commercial enterprise that has altered the way the world does business. Tim Berners Lee’s dream of a universal hypertext-based information system morphed into a global means of stateless mega corporations to dominate with the ability to spy, and to a certain extent, control the narrative on how the world should be run in the image of a global corporate body.

Global vs Universal

The WWW’s global reach over the world has been infiltrated by powerful corporate interests. Perhaps the Web has reached the end of its beneficial cycle. Hopefully what lies ahead is a positive disintegration of the Internet and what will emerge is a new/parallel open-source hypertext language that will stand for the sovereignty of each individual human being and promote a grassroots economy of the planet.