I have dedicated my life to the study of religion, mythology and spirituality. It is my passion, it is my blight. I have so far not benefited from my work because I believe one must give and not only take from this grand mystery that is LIFE.

I want to bring the following to your attention: I had linked my essays on several of Wikipedia’s subjects. The list can be found at this link:


All these links have been arbitrarily removed recently for reasons that I have yet to comprehend.

My essays are a critical analysis of a top-down ruling ideology. I was under the belief that Wikipedia was an open-source and bottom-up tool for the enhancement of learning and the development of a critical mind. I am realizing to my regret that Wikipedia is being subverted by editors who believe in a corporatist agenda, one that is contrary to the ideals of an open-source of learning.

Wikipedia should not be an additional tool of self-promotion for an industry that has an obscene amount of money for advertising at their disposal. Furthermore Wiki editors should not work on behalf of the movie industry to censure any form of valid criticism that might be contrary to their self promoting interests, or picture perfect entries.

Myth criticism is a valid field of Literary Criticism. And critical essays are an essential part of a healthy intellectual debate and the expansion of consciousness. Entries like “Iron Man the movie” in their present form without any open-source critical contributions do not belong in Wikipedia. They are part of a top-down form of mind control.

The reason behind the removal of these links is exactly why I wrote my essay on criticism. I cannot understand the mental block of these editors who do not belong or believe in the open-source vocation of Wikipedia.


Michael A. Rizzotti

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