By Tyler Durden

“Michael Shellenberger gave a must-watch keynote address to the students and faculty of the University of Austin this week, titled “Escape The Woke Matrix.”

In it, he argues that Western civilization is being rapidly taken over by a psychopathological religion, and that we must resist it by exposing it for what it is, and re-grounding our institutions in love of humanity, civilization, and freedom.

Shellenberger’s work covers a wide range of topics, but a common theme is the distortion of history and censorship benefiting the powerful.

In this emotional address, Shellenberger discusses the negative effects of censorship, rewriting history, and the power dynamics it serves.

He highlights disparities between the real-world and the one we are delivered by authorities and ‘experts – pointing out the decline in deaths from natural disasters and the fact that police killings in the US, including those of African-Americans, have declined over the years – among others, emphasizing the need for seeking out accurate information.”