Michael A Rizzotti

“Those who want to imitate an angel or God end up acting like asses.”

Old Middle-Eastern proverb

It’s been some time since our last update. As Orson Wells used to say “We will serve no wine before its time”. We also want to reassure our readers that we a the net age we are not concerned about “high net worth” but about high network.

The changes ushered by the Net in the last few years have been astounding. These changes might not be all that visible to the naked eye but they have mutated into novel forms of communication. Since our last posting, a lot of data and ideas have been fermenting the Web. Expanding its infinite memory. Easily accessible to the benefit of all. We repeat, the medium is the message and the message is interactivism.

Bye, bye to one way <- media misinformation & disinformation…

The more i ponder on the subject the more i see the Net as a subversive and subliminal tool. In the sense that the Internet acts beyond the threshold of consciousness. It is subversive in the way it interacts and works from within, from an invisible and undetectable sphere. Nevertheless, it IS “here, there and everywhere” to quote the Beatles.

Some pundits have called the Internet the “Second Super Power”. Nonsense, super power is a term that relates to the past second millennium. It implies a power that originates from “above”. A deist theocracy disguised as Judeo-Christianity. It points to the image of the all seeing eye on top of the pyramid as depicted on the US dollar. This hierarchical power source, we believe, is at crossroad and is faced with no sustainable made-up villain to justify its own power structure.

The Internet transcends hierarchy. It is a non-linear force to be reckoned with: Omnipotent, omniscient and omnificent. It is a power that is all pervasive, present everywhere, all knowing and with unlimited creative powers. These attributes were formally used to describe the divine. They are used here as an analogy to explain the linking forces pervasive in the Net.

Things are moving along nicely for the Net. The medium’s evolution is right on track. We foresee the greatest beneficiaries of “interactivism” to be the disaffected and the emerging economies. By disaffected we mean those who are alienated and estranged from the malignant corporate mentality that we call here the “Incorporated Body” and its political arm “desinformocracy”.