Aaron Swartz was born on November 8, 1986. He would be celebrating his 35th birthday today.

He committed suicide on January 11, 2013 following legal harassment and the prosecution by an ambitious US attorney who wanted to impress her superiors and rise in the hierarchy of political power during the Obama’s presidency. An administration who took an unprecedented number of legal actions against whistle-blowers who dared to exposed government injustice and wrongdoing.

No legal procedures were taken against the zealous prosecutor. In the eyes of God she will be forever guilty for his persecution that led to Aaron Swartz’s death.

Aaron was a brilliant programmer who played a crucial role in fighting for social justice and for an open Internet, free from corporate control. He would be devastated if he lived today to see how corporate greed metastasized the Internet into the World Wide Spying Web.

His death was a early wake-up call for what is occurring currently in respect to alien corporate interests that have hijacked our government and legal system.

His death was a great loss for all who knew him and an unspeakable loss for his parents. Aaron’s memory shines as an eternal guiding light for all of US as the world’s second Spiritual Reformation is currently unfolding…


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