Like all the seven deadly or capital sins, greed sees many other sins that flow from it. St. Thomas lists a number of these sins, which he calls the “daughters of greed.” They are: fraud, lying, perjury, dissatisfaction (restlessness), violence, and hardheartedness.

The unraveling loss of confidence in our political leaders around the world is the result a stealth buyout by global corporations of government’s agencies. The takeover has unleashed a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde divided self whereby the corporation, as an amoral organism, has misplaced the role of elected representatives of We The People.

A cancer does not know it’s a cancer. It fools itself by being the fastest growing and the most powerful organism in a body, unaware it will eventually kill the body in which it grows. The growth of this artificial/corporate organism is made possible by the unlimited amount of tax payers’ money that enables the cancer grow while remaining undetected.