In the US, freedom is closely associated with mobility. The history of the US reveals that immigration is at the core of America’s identity that was generated over centuries by people seeking individual freedom and economic redemption.

America’s identity has been forged by settlers who left the Old Continent to escape religious persecution. Thereafter, the New World was populated by immigrants who moved to America in order to escape serfdom in their country of origin. They fled to a land opportunity and used their entrepreneurial spirit to set the foundation of property rights leading to the US’ development as an economic super-power.

Today’s high fuel prices are imposing a monetary limitation on the freedom and mobility of its citizens. These policies have derailed the economy without proper implementation of a viable, alternate and affordable energy sources.

To what extent will these restrictions be perceived by the population as a threat to its core genetic makeup as Americans?

Questions will arise about the legitimacy of authorities who are responsible for policies that were implemented in order to comply with a green new deal agenda promoted by an anti-American organizations like the World Economic Forum.

The government has imposed an economic burden that have curtailed the freedom and mobility of its citizens. Lock-downs and high and higher gas prices will further erode the confidence in governmental institutions among the people and eventually destroy the rest of their authority and legitimacy they have left.  As a result, it will fuel the spread of America’s Great Awakening…