The reality of corporate socialism makes no sense to you because you cannot think outside of your Marxist ideological box. You draw on textbook (Marxist) definitions of socialism and capitalism. You believe the pabulum that socialism is the takeover and control of the means of production by the working class. That’s ludicrous and never has and never will be the case.

Did you know that the Bolshevik Revolution was funded by capitalist bankers? No, you didn’t. You believe, following like a puppy after Marx, that socialism is about overthrowing capitalism, when it’s really about destroying the free market and small businesses. The middle class is always the target of destruction for socialists, and never the oligarchy.

As a matter of fact, socialism is a ruling-class idea. You’re utterly clueless about the true nature of socialism. Your cluelessness is exactly why the likes of you have been referred to as “useful idiots.”

Socialism is nothing if not the monopolization of the economy. So too is corporate socialism. In the case of state socialism, the state (theoretically) monopolizes the means of production. In the case of corporate socialism, the economy is monopolized by state-favored corporations– sometimes at the direction of the state as in China, and sometimes in a close, cooperative partnership with the state as is currently the case in the United States.

I say that state socialism is the theoretical state monopolization of production because socialist states can never exist for long without their corporate favorites. This was the case in fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, and, if U.S. corporations are taken into account, in the Soviet Union as well. (Almost all technological innovation in the Soviet Union came from American corporations.)…