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The good news and the bad news.

The good news is that a cancer infecting the body politic has been diagnosed by a greater number of citizens around the world. The bad news; the remedy to cure it will be painful for everybody.

The next 10 years will involve sacrifice and leadership on the part of the enlightened to show the way to a spiritual revival and set the stage of an economic and political Reformation in order to restore the sovereignty of the individual and promote open-source economic prosperity for all the people of the planet. Hopefully the second Reformation will result in a separation between:

church ~ state/We the People ~ corporate body.

Most of the things in life are cyclical; like a heart beat, breathing, movement of the planets, like the moon affecting the tides, sound waves and light waves. Life itself is cyclical; each one of us human beings are born, we grow, we reproduce, we mature and we die. Plants, spread their seeds, sprout, flourish and perish; unfolding life’s thrust to regenerate.

The same cycle applies to technology. The WWW emerged out of nothing, grew, expanded and spread its web around the World. Tim Berners-Lee created the WWW with the hopes it would be a universal tool of communication and commerce. Big Tech started as innovative tools but deviated from the Web’s original purpose. Unfortunately greed converted the medium into a World Wide Spying Web of government and corporate data collection and censure.

Has Big Tech reached its cyclical peak and undergoing a decaying stage, completing its cycle of existence. Only time will tell?

A step in the right direction:


On Fascism

The word fascism has been used a lot lately. However, the term represents a unique Italian political movement. Foremost, fascism was made possible because Italy shares one official language overlapping numerous regional languages called dialects each with its own unique cultural background. Sicilians for instance have a unique dialect and don’t consider themselves Italians. This is typical of many Italian regions.


Italy is a collection of former city states and dominions. It became a country in 1861, uniting 30 regions, 5 of which have autonomous status. These regions don’t have strong political power. Most of the political power is concentrated in Rome. Fascism reflected a failed political movement to restore the glory of the Roman empire and promote the strength of a unified country .

Except for thriving Jewish communities in major cities, Italy is predominantly Catholic with the distinction of having the Holy See also located in Rome, concentrating the political and religious power in the capital. This is unlike the powerful individual States constituting the USA and the fragmented nature of religious denominations in the country.

Its founder, Benito Mussolini was a journalist and a leading figure of the Italian Socialist Party. He was an active supporter of the Socialist International in Switzerland that organized communist and revolutionary insurrections during World War I. He was eventually expelled from the socialist party for abandoning the party’s position on war neutrality.

Mussolini was a journalist and a socialist. He came to power because he abandoned the idea of unions in favor of guilds. And by doing so he got the support and control of corporate industrial power in Italy. What is occurring in the US is unique and different. It consists of a power struggle between the founding ideal of the government representing the people, and a revolving door between an entrenched bureaucracy and corporate America, and lately the globalist hijacking of the State.

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Propaganda & hatred

Because as Albert Einstein explains: Three great forces rule the world: Stupidity, fear and greed.

An interesting perspective on the current geopolitical post-covid 1984 and the Old/New World Order: