A critique of Noah Harari’s “fake news” about the Resurrected Body of Christ

First, the word body has two meanings. One sense is the human anatomy. This sense implies a physical self that includes bones, organs, muscles and skin as one body. This is the most commonly understood sense. The second, is a group of people or things functioning as one unit, like an advisory body and a body of water.

The same variation in meaning applies to the word church. The original Latin word for church is ecclesia meaning a congregation or an assembly of believers. Whereas its English rendition means; house of the Lord, a public place of worship, a building.

Pope Pius XII in his Encyclical Letter, Mystici Corporis explains that “the Church is the body of Christ”. By Church Pope Pius XII means ecclesia or the congregation of believers. Hence, the resurrected body of Christ IS the body of faithful Christians in the world.

The mysterious workings of the Risen Body of Christ can be illustrated by history whereby Christians who without a central government, no imposition of taxes and without a standing army, took over the Holy Roman Empire. Herein stands the invisible and living power of the Resurrected Body of Christ.

Harari, at best you lack the necessary spirituality to understand what the Resurrected Body of Christ IS. At worst you are a fake human being. That’s why you worship robots, you value “artificial” intelligence, and are trans-humanist rather than a humanist.

The Risen Lord: On Sovereignty and Tyranny




Global vs Universal

In his book “Weaving the Web: The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web” Tim Berners-Lee explains that his creation was meant to be a universal tool for everybody. His book was published in 1999, prior to the advent of Google. A search engine that would eventually change the original purpose of the Web, irrevocably setting the stage between what was meant to be a universal medium versus a system that globed a totality of the world’s online searches.

My motivation was to make sure that the Web became what I’d originally intended it to be – a universal medium for sharing information. p. 84

Those familiar with my writing know the importance of language, especially the meaning of key words in the creation and the re-production of reality. Consequently, I would like to establish the difference in perception of what is global/globalism versus what is universal.

The reason we need universality on all these levels is that that’s how people operate in the real world. p.164

Wicked Witches of the West (WWW.Inc)

Universal means an infinite dynamic/relation between the one and the many. It is important to stress the importance of dynamic, namely, an ever-changing nature of being in time and space, rather that what is fixed, like text and material things. To illustrate, text is brought to life by a reader who breaths life into words that would otherwise remain meaningless.

Life, for instance, is shared by all living human beings. As such we are all endowed with the ability to reproduce life. We all strives for love, security, freedom and happiness, which makes each one of us share the same essence with all human beings, regardless of gender, race, religion or politics. This is the common principle referred as universal. A word that is related to universe, meaning the whole of created life, nature, animated and inanimated things unfolding in time and space.

Hope in life comes from the interconnections among all the people in the world. We believe that if we all work for what we think individually is good, then we as a whole will achieve more power, more understanding, more harmony as we continue the journey. We don’t find the individual being subjugated by the whole. We don’t find the needs of the whole being subjugated by the increasing power of an individual. But we might see more understanding in the struggles between these extremes. We don’t expect the system to eventually become perfect. But we feel better rand better about it. We find the journey more and more exiting, but we don’t expect it to end. p. 209

Universal is taken for granted because life is common and plentiful. This commonality makes it a profane reality. Nonetheless, it’s a gift shared by every individual: A beautiful, awesome and at times threatening and cruel reality. A mysterious experience in which we have no say when we are born or when we die.

Global Goolag

Whereas Global, from the word globe, implies a self-contained sphere with a well defined border. A globe embraces a totality of items within the confines of its circle. Hence, it is totalitarian by design. A globe is oblivious to reality that lies outside its perimeters. It separates and shields a monopolistic doctrine from the outer world/reality of an ever expansive universe.

Global, draws boundaries between what is included within its control from what lies outside its control. A visual example of a globe/global is a crystal ball. What is implied by global today is an alliance of corporate interests based on a doctrine to include a totality of bodies under its control like the one proposed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its affiliated corporations and CEOs, political leaders and NGOs, illustrated by the self-proclaimed banner of a World Government Summit.

Google, and the Big Tech alliance, destroyed the original purpose of the World Wide Web as a universal system of communication for the benefit of humanity that was originally envisioned by Tim Berners-Lee. Big Tech did it by covertly collecting users’ data and manipulated users’ behavior to benefit their global corporate agenda in order to denigrate the sovereignty of the individual, to desecrate communities and to subvert nation-states of the world. Keep in mind that Global.Inc was created in the image of a corporation who is defined as an artificial person, the forerunner of trans-humanism.

It also shows how a technical decision to make a single point of reliance can be exploited politically for power and commercially for profit, breaking the technology’s independence from these things, and weakening the Web as a universal place. p. 129

The Corporate State: The Emergence of a Quasi-Religion


21st Century Wire: France’s Shadow Government and the Rise of the Corporate State.

In France, consultancy firms have been paid billions of euros to advise governments on policies from the coronavirus vaccine, to climate change, and vaccine roll-out, as well as digital transformation, according to a new report released by the French Senate. While the financial sums are staggering, the real scandal is the level of influence on policy that these shadowy corporate actors wield deep inside the halls of government.

Matthieu Aron and Caroline Michel-Aguirre co-author of the book “Les infiltrés” published a must-read in order to understand how these consultancy firms have now seized control of the State.

Aron recently commented, “It is this firm [referring to McKinsey] that piloted the vaccination strategy in France. Dozens of consultants arrived at Public Health France [Ministry of Health] and took the place of civil servants, and decided how to organize this vaccination roll-out across the country. This has never happened before, why now?

By now, it would not surprise many in France if McKinsey has in fact been working relentlessly in pushing along the rapid implementation of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” in France, as McKinsey was allowed by our own government to infiltrate the very heart of the French administration and judiciously placed at the helm of our vaccination strategy, as well as other strategic projects in areas like education and defense…

McKinseyGate: France’s Shadow Government and the Rise of the Corporate State


NATO’s purpose

The first NATO Secretary Lord Ismay explained in plain terms the purpose of the Organization: ‘Keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.’

Moving toward the 3rd Russian winter

The first goal to keep Russia “out” was accomplished by NATO’s members expansion of thirteen countries.

The second goal of keeping America “in” was taken for granted by member countries since its foundation until President Trump make some remarks about these countries abide to their commitment by paying up their share of NATO’s budget.

The third goal to keep Germany “down” is more problematic.

When East and West Germany reunited it became be biggest country of Europe and the industrial power house of the European Union (EU). The Euro benefited mostly Germany as it gave the country a stable currency to exports their industrial goods at the expense of the southern countries of the EU. At the outset, the growing strength of the Euro doubled the public debt of weaker currencies of the continent and allowed Corporate Europe to buy on the cheap domestic and foreign competitors while being detrimental to the tourist industries of the south like Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal leading to a potential political takeover of the south by the northern neighbors.

My cousin who lives in Italy explained to me that Deutschland lost the Second World War but corporate Germany won the battle when it joined the corporate global takeover of the world.

Keep in mind that the main reason for NATO’s existence was Hitler’s war/invasion Europe that fatally included Russia. The Russians counter attacked, invaded Eastern Europe as far as Berlin.

Germany was involved in two world wars because of the historic rivalry between European kingdoms/countries with big imperial egos.

Today we have a German born leader named Karl Schwab who runs a parallel political network called the World Economic Forum (WEF) that is comprised of many European political leaders including many foreign heads of states, celebrity billionaires and CEO’s of global corporations.

The Next Step for the World Economic Forum

In one of his speeches to the European parliament, ex-French president Francois Hollande explained the reason for the creation of the European Union was to avoid another European war. Unfortunately, it appears that NATO, in cahoots with several US political hacks and the WEF, will likely be responsible for the European Union’s demise.

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