Michael Rizzotti Corporations, which should be the carefully restrained creatures of the law and the servants of the people, are fast becoming the people’s masters. President Grover Cleveland, State of the Union Address, December 3, 1888 We live in a corporatized world. Most of us either own stocks, have an IRA account, are a member of […]

World Wide Spying Web

The Net Age does not refer to the contents of this page or to the markup language (HTML) and the WWW that rides the infrastructure of the Net. What constitutes this new age is the hardware that is physically located throughout the planet ̶ transcending geographical, political, juridical, cultural and linguistic borders ̶  linking devices […]

Revelation… Weatherman; Lee “Scratch” Perry

god of money;

Those who confuse the power of money with the power of God and believe they’re doing God’s work, in the end they will pay dearly… Swami ZYs1

On-line connection, Off-line communication; A new dynamic

It is through artistic creation that obvious yet overshadowed truths come to light. In James Graham’s play Privacy, the author entertains the idea that in a post-Snowden world it is not privacy but retrospection and self-communication that should be the topic of concern. In that respect, psychoanalysis, reflection, meditation or prayer are an essential component […]

Quo Vado:

The most popular movie at the turn of 2016 was Star Wars; The Force Awakens. As the title of the series implies, the topic of war is being projected in future outer space even though we’re still a long way from colonizing a planet. This shows how rivalry and war are part of man‘s genetic […]

A missive is more powerful than a mi$$ile;

Swami ZYs1… astroturf: Creating the impression of public support by paying people in the public to pretend to be supportive. The false support can take the form of letters to the editor, postings on message boards in response to criticism, and writing to politicians in support of the cause. Astroturfing is the opposite of “grassroots”, […]

From the state of law to the security state:

Giorgio Agamben on the state of emergency in France Posted on December 28, 2015 by Julius Gavroche A translation of a chronicle written by Giorgio Agamben on Le Monde (23/12/2015) … From a State of Law to a Security State One cannot truly understand what is at stake in the extension of the state of […]

Vanishing Pause Time

The Internet is a Big Time Suck San Diego Reader, Blog Diego By, Bridgett Ross: When attending a training session on Mantram Repitition conducted by Jill Borman, I heard her mention the phrase “vanishing pause time.” Essentially, “vanishing pause time” refers to the notion that with the immense time-saving benefits of technology also comes the […]

We are not human beings…

having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.