Downpressor man
Where you gonna run to…
Oh… along that day






If you run to the sea
The sea will be boiling
Oh… along that day

If you run to the rocks
The rocks will be melting
Oh… along that day

And if you make your bed in hell
I will be there…

You drink your big champagne and laugh
Ha ha ha
All along that day

I said, downpressor man
Where you gonna run to?
All along that day

I wouldn’t like to be a flea
Under your collar man
All along that day

You can run but you can’t hide
Telling you all along that day

You gonna run to the Lord
Begging to Him to hide you

You gonna run to Jah
Begging Him to hide you
All along that day

And I said downpressor Man
Where you gonna run to
Where you gonna run to downpressor man

Downpressor man
You can’t run, you can’t bribe Jah-Jah
Can’t call Him in a bar
To drink some
Devil soup

Can’t bribe Him to run a car now
Can’t test him faith
Where you gonna run to

Downpressor man
You can’t bribe no one
Them no want no money
Cause money get funny

Lyrics, Peter Tosh




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