Listening to Matt Taibbi and Walter Kirn discussing Jorge Luis Borges’ short story “The Library of Babel” inspired me to update my interpretation of the Tower Of Babel story.

The missed connection about who is likely responsible for building a tower to reach heaven is exemplified here as a global corporate body.

A corporate body signifies an association of the most powerful transnational corporations with dedicated globalist leaders who don’t believe in the sovereignty of the individual or the nation.

Corporations that are allied with a globalist agenda are implanted in countries all over the world. They have subverted the most powerful governments of the planet. This body controls corporate media to propagate the doctrine of a ONE world governance.

One example of global corporate agenda is the weapons, security and surveillance industries’ expansion in Europe that has resulted in the war in Ukraine. The war is an inconspicuous attempt to takeover countries that don’t submit to the global corporate world order.

A divine intervention could be exemplified by a conflict that will revive old rivalries and animosities among European countries and more likely than not expand the war in Europe. The war will unravel disunity and derail a globalist agenda by altering past alliances, disrupting existing economic cooperation and spreading distrust and confusion among global participants.

What is at stake is a disintegration of the current world order and the beginning of an economic realignment and political reformation of the world between major continental blocks.

A Tower of Babel

America this Week  Episode 38: Matt Taibbi and Walter Kirn discuss the “Library of Babel” By Jorge Luis Borges: