CEO of American Trucking Industry’s warning

Can someone tell Jo he is not a king...

Google’s Amoral Predicament

Several books have been published about Google’s questionable business practices in the last few years. The mounting criticism is having some repercussions: In South Korea the government voted a law against Google and Apple’s app payment monopolies. Recently an...

The Risen Lord: On Sovereignty and Tyranny

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of Christianity's most central creed. It is also one that is subject to literal as well as spiritual interpretations. The contention between the two stems from a lexical ambiguity of the term “body”. A word that in respect to...

Patrick W00D: Technocrazy Agenda

You will own nothing and you will be happy The members of World Economic Forum  will own everything and have total control over you  

Global-Corp’s Main Stream Media

Mediacracy & Mediacrity: Keep in mind that a corporation is defined as an artificial person and MSM is its mouthpiece. If MSM stops lying, the whole global corporate system is going to collapse and this artificial person as a human impostor is going to be exposed....

Opting out of Tyranny

California City Declares Itself a ‘Constitutional Republic’ to Bypass Governor Newsom’s COVID Mandates: The city council in Oroville, California declared itself a “Constitutional Republic” this week to bypass Governor Gavin Newsom’s COVID mandates. “What we are doing...

Sad little man

Robert R. Kennedy Jr. on the Corona Committee

Session 77: Schrödinger's Vaccine Cat

Big-Bird takes a lie detector

In memory of Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz was born on November 8, 1986. He would be celebrating his 35th birthday today. He committed suicide on January 11, 2013 following legal harassment and the prosecution by an ambitious US attorney who wanted to impress her superiors and rise in the...


The U.S. Government and COVID Crimes; Proposed Legal Action Campaign Source: The Whistleblower Newsroom with Kristina Borjesson and Celia Farber Prof Francis Boyle details who did what in key U.S. government agencies and universities and talks about his grassroots...

A few members of the European Parliament

voicing their opposition to mandatory vaccines and the “Green Pass”.  
Party Like It’s 1979:

Party Like It’s 1979:

The OG Antitrust Is Back, Baby! by Cory Doctorow, EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) President Biden’s July 9 Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy is a highly technical, 72-part, fine-grained memo on how to address the ways market...

How Big Tech Betrayed Its Founding Principles And All of US

How Big Tech Betrayed Its Founding Principles And All of US

Excerpt from the chapter: "A New World War" But it's time to stop being willfully blind. With Big Tech's wealth and power has come tremendous arrogance. There is a sense that society should be reshaped in its image - that we should all be prepared to move faster, work...

Big Tech gophers

Big Tech gophers

Dear readers, I don’t have a subscribe button on my site because I’m not looking to create a following. My aim is to inspire independent critical thinking among readers. On 7/28 this site got 120+ new subscribers. My guess is that people went on the WordPress login...

Russell Brand;

where self-anointed elite meet

The Nuremberg Code

The Nuremberg Code

Permissible Medical Experiments - The great weight of the evidence before us to effect that certain types of medical experiments on human beings, when kept within reasonably well-defined bounds, conform to the ethics of the medical profession generally. The...

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Debbie W., Richmond, CA
Extremely Interesting Read. Deeply researched account of the symbols om the US dollar.
I’ve always been curious about the symbols on the one dollar bill and the little book explains them well. Highly recommend this read.

Peter O., Santa Fe, NM
Good and entertaining… This book is full of historical facts about the symbols on the dollar. You won’t be bored reading it. The author keeps delivering relevant info till the end. And once you’re done reading the book, you’ll never look at the dollar the same way again.

L. K. M., Seattle, WA
Great read! Extremely well researched writing of the history, symbols and makeup of the US currency.
After reading the book you will love the tender you exchange everyday. Highly recommend.

R. S., Santa Monica, CA
Well researched book on the symbols of our currency. Very interesting and revealing aspects behind the history of our currency.

Joanne A., Novato, CA
Everything you ever wanted to know about the one dollar bill. This book explains all the symbols on the one dollar. Who knew it was so detailed? Very interesting!

M.J.B., San Diego, CA
Great Read! Well researched, packed with interesting facts about the US dollar. Quick read.
Highly recommend.

Carl L., San Francisco, CA
If you’re curious as to how the symbols found on the US dollar came to be, look no further than
Michael Rizzotti’s well researched book. In addition to providing the reader with the history and context, the author expands on related subjects such as the Federal Reserve and the dollar’ s evolution to becoming the reserve currency of the world. All in all, a good, well written read.

Ricky I., Palm Desert, CA
Interesting and Detailed. A unique and well researched explanation and interpretation of the symbols we have all seen on ou US dollar. Mr. Rizzotti vividly introduces us to the history of the symbols; and quite interesting interpretations on how and or why these symbols were included on the dollar.