The lockdowns have been an attempt by global organizations to bypass the sovereignty of nation-states to override the power of elected representatives to uphold citizens’ rights and defend the public good of the people. The United Nations (UN), the World Health Organization (WHO) and One Health stand out as forerunners of a one world governance. They are flanked by a global alliance consisting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), varied NGOs like the climate change movement, royalty, transnational corporations and a coalition of tax-exempt charitable foundations. What these organizations share in common is the implementation of a one world governance.

The Tower of Babel

Out of all the organizations involved in the alliance described above, the WEF erupted as a crucial protagonist promoting a shift in political governance with the unveiling of the great reset. A plan that will reallocate the economy to companies allied with the WEF using the pretext to save the planet from a doomsday scenario predicted in 2030.

The WEF has been expanding its network for several decades mostly out of public scrutiny. It sprang out of obscurity at the same time the WHO classified the Covid-19 outbreak as a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. The declaration happened a few months after an exercise in global pandemic called Even 201 in October, 2019.

In retrospect the saying business is war illustrates what happened with Covid-19 lockdowns. They turned out to be an implicit act of war that damaged a specific sector of the US economy. Namely, small and mid size businesses, mostly comprised of citizens who are not employed by any government’s administrative bodies or work for global corporations. This sector represents a grassroots economy without incentives from any government’s agencies. It reflects the American entrepreneurial spirit that made the United States of America a super-power. A status that is being challenged by the one of  WEF’s predictions.

#3 US dominance is over. We have a handful of dominant powers.

The WEF is an international organization whose main purpose is to recruit CEOs, current and potential political leaders for the benefit of organization’s growth to promote a self-proclaimed world government as showcased by its Summit held in Dubai on March 29 & 30, 2022.

The WEF consists of ~1,000 global CEOs/corporations and political leaders from various governments around the world who contribute to organization’s ~$5 billion dollar budget.

Its stated purpose is to improve the state of the world by engaging political, economic, academic leaders as well as popular entertainers to join in discussion on how “to shape, global, regional, and industrial agendas”.

The WEF purports to function like an advisory body to influence government policy to advance the forum’s agenda. A closer look reveals it is akin to a quasi-religion inspired by a cult-like dynamic to save the planet from a doomsday scenario to unfold in 2030 ‒if the measures proposed by WEF are not implemented.

The WEF embodies what Steven Hassan describes in his book entitled Freedom of Mind, as a commercial cult. A movement that relies on a belief generated by the lure of belonging to a super-national organization. And for being part of an anointed few called to implement an economic great reset to save the current world from a supernatural breaking point.

#7 The values that built the West will have been tested to a breaking point.

Part of the WEF’s doctrine is spelled out by Yuval Noah Harari’s vision of trans-humanism. The author outlines a convergence between human beings, artificial intelligence, robots and genetic manipulation, in which the divine essence of life is sacrificed at the altar of technology, whereby the creation merges and overtakes its creator.

Leadership is key to any organization’s success. In this regard Klaus Schwab, WEF’s founder and executive chairman, is a respected German engineer and economist. He began working on his network in 1971 with the backing of Henry Kissinger, a Rockefeller Foundation protege. As a US Secretary of State, Kissinger opened the door to communist China to US markets and eventually to the global economy. His association with the former diplomat bestowed on Schwab valuable credentials and critical access to top level government network around the world. On June 3, 2020, as governments’ agencies were wavering about covid-19 lockdowns, Schwab issued the following command to his followers:

[T]he world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.

WEF members are asked to dedicate their time and commitment, as well as to contribute their status and connections in their respective institutions to increase the power of the economic forum. In return members expect a choice position in the WEF hierarchy and a favorable economic share of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Keep in mind that the first Industrial Revolution was named by historian after the fact. As Neils Bohr explained: Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.

The WEF became a widespread network because its members saw the benefit in joining powerful global players. And by the lure of being part of a compelling world government that includes future economic benefits from specific industries at the expense of an established economy.

[T]he pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.

Klaus Schwab

Plans that may very well be appealing to members who stand to benefit from the reset but not for a majority of citizens who stand to lose their freedom and a significant level of their standard of living.

Slogans like; Build Back Better and you will own nothing and you will be happy may sound good to somebody who owns nothing and it may very well be an alluring catchword to recruit dispossessed masses. However, civilization was built on property rights that have made a majority of citizens content and secure. It is doubtful if the middle class will be willing to give up economic security for themselves and their progeny. Especially with plans to destroy a working economy to remake the world with an untried great reset.

As it happens, the incremental but steady exposure of WEF’s plans to the public has unleashed a reactionary push back. Especially among an increasing number of people who realize they stand to loose their economic freedom for the benefit of a pyramidal scheme that will enrich the top tier of WEF’s members. Herein lies the organization’s Achilles heel.

Foremost the WEF functions more like a country club rather than a political organization. For instance, the forum does not have the ability to issue a currency, it does not collect taxes and does not have a standing a military. In one respect a carbon tax has been proposed by the United Nations (UN) to be levied on the world’s population to finance their agenda to entrench a world governance. Yet a provision has been proposed that will allow elitist’s private jets to be exempt from paying a carbon tax imposed on everybody else.

Klaus Schwab may very well be an outstanding individual with good organizational skills, and he may be popular among his followers. He nonetheless has an image problem among the population at large. Perception is everything, and in the US at least, he is caricatured as a James Bond’s villain obsessed with an evil plan to control the world.

Other problems reside with the popularity of some of WEF’s key political members. Among the more visible is Justin Trudeau who currently rules with the help of a tenuous political coalition. He won his election with 33% of the popular votes, one percent less than the Conservatives, the opposition party, who got 34% of the votes. Canada is a parliamentary system and Trudeau’s Liberal party could only rule by forming a coalition with the New Democratic Party.

Justin Trudeau is the son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau (1919-2000) who was Canada’s Prime Minister in 1968-79 and again in 1980-84. During his reign the country had a small size bureaucracy matched by a small public debt. He was responsible for implementing bilingualism and he enshrined the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. One of his major achievements was keeping the country together by reigning in Quebec’s separatist movement.

Justin Trudeau broke his father’s legacy with the violation the rights and freedoms of truckers who protested peacefully against economic hardship enforced by dictatorial lockdowns. Justin damaged Canada’s reputation as one of most respected country in the world.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s political legacy is being jeopardized by his son who is more concerned with a global agenda rather than solving his country’s problems. Foremost, Canada is saddled with high public and private debt. These unbalances are compounded by unsustainable high property values and high stock valuations financed until recently with historically low interest rates that are now on a disruptive rise.

The Canadian economy, like many other economies around the world, has been kept alive by low interest rates that fueled a false sense of wealth and security. Like a hot air balloon moving high above ground, it will eventually to come down to earth and face reality. The landing will likely unleash political unrest and rekindle a latent division among the provinces of Canada. His leadership it seems has completed a full circle and is the prelude of the end of a Canadian political union.

Justin Trudeau and many political leaders like Joe Biden, Emanuel Macron, Ursula von der Leyen, Boris Johnson and Jacinda Ardern are on board with WEF’s great reset regardless of the damage inflicted in specific sectors in their respective economies. These leaders are ignoring their political mandates to implement a reasonable timetable to balance the goals of environmental policies with a healthy domestic economy.

Domestic Counter-Offensive

The people of the world are awakening to the WEF’s attempt to subvert their elected governments and institutions. With the lockdowns the plotters have exposed themselves. They have unleashed a domestic counter-offensive.

The push back is responsible for a paradigm shift in online news displayed by the explosion of grassroots media podcasts and independent online journalism. It became popular as a result of a widespread exposure of the illegal mandates, the lockdowns and the great reset’s agenda to the public at large. The swiftness of the transition is unprecedented in the history of broadcasting. One cannot minimize the importance of this shift that side-stepped the dominance of corporate media. The free and open debate on alternative news productions has irrevocably changed the role of media among the masses.

On another level the push-back has been underlined by the US federal district ruling stating that Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) mask mandate for airplanes and airports is illegal. Other contributing factors are a multi-front opposition that emerged from States like Florida and Texas against Federal mandates, grassroots movements like the Inform Consent Action Network (ICAN), The Great Barrington Declaration, Naomi Wolf’s Daily Clout, the Corona Investigative Committee and varied grassroots movements that are mobilizing ordinary citizens, like the farmers’ protest in the Netherlands spreading in other countries of the European Union (EU) and the rest of the world.

Major American oil and gas corporations joined in the counter-offensive by expressing their opposition to the Biden’s administration implementation of the green new deal that is responsible for high fuel prices contributing to already high inflation numbers. Most of which is the result of a coordinated effort to curb fuel consumption combined with the disruption of the supply chain directly linked to the mandates and lockdowns. In retrospect these draconian measures have imposed a self-inflected destruction of the economy that is unprecedented in history.

The big oil push-back was followed by a Supreme Court ruling that constraints the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating carbon pollution emitted by power plants. The decision in effect restricts the Biden administration’s ability to enforce the green new deal. The court holds that only Congress, not the EPA, has the power to regulate carbon emissions. The ruling is a step toward imposing a restraint on any government agencies’ usurpation of power to regulate without Congress’ prior legislation.

Also noted, is Fed chairman Jerome Powell’s rebuke of President Biden statement saying the special military operation in Ukraine was to blame for inflation. Powell corrected the President by stating that inflation started before Russia’s invasion and instead coincided with the implementation of lockdowns. More interesting is the timing Fed’s rise of interest rates. The Fed’s action will likely result in a recession to coincide with the midterm elections. An economic downturn is typically not favorable for candidates aligned with the current administration. It is surmised that the Fed’s timing to increase interest rates is a push back to a green new deal.

Because the US dollar is the reserve currency of the world, the Fed’s decisions affect many other currencies outside the US especially institutions and countries that have borrowed in US dollars. For this reason the Fed is in effect the Central Banker of the world and Powell’s decision to raise interest rates has repercussions on the global economy. The Fed’s decision to raise interest rates long after inflation took hold is a clandestine attempt to override government’s global green policies.

Milton Friedman explained that a corporation is the property of the shareholders. Executives and CEOs who are aligned with social and environmental agendas of the WEF are in effect violating the fiduciary duty of shareholders. This will become more apparent as the WEF’s agenda is exposed and reaches a critical mass. Shareholders will realize that links to the WEF could compromise profits and jeopardize the goodwill of companies. Especially if consumers begin to boycott companies associated with the Forum.

Corporations have only one duty: to promote their own and their owners’ interests. They have no capacity, and their executives no authority, to act out of a genuine sense of responsibility to society, to avoid causing harm to people and the environment, or to work to advance the public good in ways that are unrelated to their own self-interest.

Joel Bakan, The Corporation, The Pathological Pursuit of Profits and Power

The ominous events unfolding around our planet are either the result of blatant incompetence of elected rulers or a deliberate effort to test our economic values to a breaking point in order to implement the great reset. The reality is likely a mixture of both. It is estimated that the majority of people working for the Biden administration have no experience in running a business. It is likely that the same lack of experience is widespread among the major institutions allied with the WEF, like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the European Union or the United Nations, to name only a few.

Moving forward, as the counter-offensive grows, the orchestrated goal to implement a one world governance failure will shift the blame on Russia for the world’s economic chaos so to divert the attention away from the subversion of governments by a global corporate cabal.

Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed.

Albert Einstein