Is the transmission of cancerous cells from an original cell to more cells elsewhere in the body, by way of the blood vessels, or lymphatics, spreading and infecting the whole body and inevitably ends in death.

A cancer does not know it’s a cancer. It is the most powerful and destructive organism in a body. A cancer destroys everything in its path and eventually destroys the body in which it grows, generating the cancer’s own demise.

Metaphorically; the destruction of +30% of an economy triggered by a mediated virus, reveals that the cancer is spreading and growing in the body politic. It is propagated by air pollution, the mediated kind, spreading fear, misinformation, propaganda and psychological warfare against the people.

High levels of debt, high levels of market valuations, high levels of wealth concentration, high levels of income disparity, high levels of low paying jobs, high levels of unemployment, interests rates at close to 0-1%, the black hole of government spending, increasing tax levels combined by a decrease in tax collection due to a tanking economy; these are signs of a growing deadly disease.