One of the purpose of GlobalCorp’s implicit economic and political attack against the nation states of the world is the destruction of an existing national social order/identity and the formation of a new social bond with the creation of a cult following of vaxxers as corporate foot soldiers to fight against the non-vaxxers ‒citizens‒ who refuse to submit and comply with the Global-Reset vision of the world.

This fact merely underlines the point that “the medium is the message” because it is the medium that shapes and controls the scale and form of human association and action. Marshall McLuhan

Keep in mind that a body, consisting of an alliance or working group of global corporations, is the most powerful medium in the world. This body was able over the years to subvert elected governments and is now using their political moles to promote their global corporate agenda.

The powerful globalcorp body has unleashed an attack on the nation-states in order to shape and control the scale of human association and impose its own corporate identity on society as a whole.

The imposition of masks allows for the mass formation of a corporate identity while dehumanizing human identity of the people wearing the face covering. The process goes hand and hand with cancel culture and the rejection of the history of the nation states.

Although a corporation is comprised of individuals, each member abdicates their individuality and submit to a corporate charter/doctrine that supersedes the identity of individuals that comprise it. Because of this lack of human individuality, an artificial person, unlike a human being born with a soul, is an amoral entity that is neither moral or immoral. It is for this reason that the imposition of the mask is meant to deny humanity that a corporation is lacking.