The good news and the bad news.

The good news is that a cancer infecting the body politic has been diagnosed by a greater number of citizens around the world. The bad news; the remedy to cure it will be painful for everybody.

The next 10 years will involve sacrifice and leadership on the part of the enlightened to show the way to a spiritual revival and set the stage of an economic and political Reformation in order to restore the sovereignty of the individual and promote open-source economic prosperity for all the people of the planet. Hopefully the second Reformation will result in a separation between:

church ~ state/We the People ~ corporate body.

Most of the things in life are cyclical; like a heart beat, breathing, movement of the planets, like the moon affecting the tides, sound waves and light waves. Life itself is cyclical; each one of us human beings are born, we grow, we reproduce, we mature and we die. Plants, spread their seeds, sprout, flourish and perish; unfolding life’s thrust to regenerate.

The same cycle applies to technology. The WWW emerged out of nothing, grew, expanded and spread its web around the World. Tim Berners-Lee created the WWW with the hopes it would be a universal tool of communication and commerce. Big Tech started as innovative tools but deviated from the Web’s original purpose. Unfortunately greed converted the medium into a World Wide Spying Web of government and corporate data collection and censure.

Has Big Tech reached its cyclical peak and undergoing a decaying stage, completing its cycle of existence. Only time will tell?

A step in the right direction: