In Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus, the author recounts the story of a science student named Victor Frankenstein who creates a person in his own image; an “Adam” of his labors.

It turns out his creation becomes a vindictive killer responsible for the murders of Victor’s brother and his childhood friend. The killings were committed by the creature as revenge for being lonely and rejected by society because of his hideous looks.

The monster demands that Victor create a female companion to alleviate his loneliness and to enable him to procreate like a human being.

Gene Wilder in “Young Frankenstein”

Victor at first agrees and proceeds to create a mate, but then relents and destroys the female companion out of fear that they will procreate and create havoc in the world. The monster finds out what the doctor did to his second creation. In retaliation he murders Victor’s newly wed wife Elisabeth.

The story ends with Dr. Frankenstein in pursuit of the monster in order to destroy his wretched creation. After a long chase Victor dies in the North Pole without completing his mission. Upon finding out of his creator’s death, the grieved creature wanders in the freezing wilderness seeking his own death.

Shelley’s literary creation is a work of fiction. In it she describes Dr. Frankenstein’s intention to create a person in his own image and imitate human capacity to procreate. His desire to play god and copy nature ends up creating misery around him.

A corporation is a literary creation, albeit it a legal one, defined as an artificial person. The term has been created by human beings in order to serve a legal and economic purpose in society.

There is an essential distinction between a naturally born being and an artificial person. The first is a unique individual while the second consists of two or more persons, referred to as a “body”, which is synonymous with corporation.

The argument here is, that although a corporation is comprised of human beings, and as such is a body, it is not a biological individual with the capacity to procreate another human being who is endowed with a soul: The essence of life in all humans and animals.

Over past two centuries the role of moneyed corporations have grown to such an extent that it has imposed its doctrine and overshadowed the role of its creator, a human being, in the management and vision of how the world should be like and how it should be ruled.