Burn a bridge, blow up a car
Torch a flag, I’d bear the scar
Hustle for peace, settle for less
Fundamentals make their beds
The battle lost is irony
Dumbing down, what’s in it for me?
After lunch, I’ll surf the web
Believing everything I’ve read

Getting closer
Don’t you feel closer?

This gaping monster of apathy
Tell me man, what is it to be?
Is freedom of choice, a choice or not?
There’s so much to lose, many have not
The pressure builds, anger grows
Blows the lid as it overthrows
Blind rage, counting down
Law and order’s lost the tow

Getting closer
Getting closer
Getting closer
How far from closer?
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah

Gas or electric fuel Noah’s Ark
This is where I get off, fools disembark
Left behind at paper and pen
Revolution invents again
We’re free as far as we can throw the key
A prison of reason makes room for me
Strike a chord, hit a nerve
Not fit for purpose or to serve

Well, is it a bird? Is it a drone?
A violent peace protects our home
Talking robots or are we clones?
Self-deluded on a smart dumb phone
Why cast a spell when you can send a text?
Mesmerized and we’ve all been hexed
Now the targets where we shop
I’m overdosing as the penny drops

And it’s getting closer
Don’t you feel closer?
Getting closer
Far from closer
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah

No sir
Don’t you feel
Come a little closer
Don’t you feel