The Corporate State: The Emergence of a Quasi-Religion

Michel Rizzotti With this essay I venture into uncharted territory linking past and present fields of social sciences in order to solve a metaphysical puzzle. This relates to the nature of a subliminal person known as the corporation and how this artificial person was able to sponsor a surreptitious belief system? The following essay offers […]


Iron Man: A Cinematic View on the Military Industrial Complex

Michel A Rizzotti The summer of 2008 will be remembered as a superhero blockbuster. Among the year’s biggest box office hits were Batman, Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. Their release coincided with US status as a super-power at a crossroad. The war in Iraq did no go as planned. And the US military involvement in […]


Batman: The Masks of the Gods

An alternative view of this popular American super-hero. The mask is the device of choice to conceal an identity. The question is, what ideology lies behind this identity? A critical analysis of how mythology masks ideology.


Spiderman: A Mythical American II

A blue collar teenager who turns into a genetically modified super-hero when challenged by a villain. Spiderman is American mythology at its best. Revealing the dual nature of a hero’s character as the result of the medium’s super-natural creative powers.


Superman: A Mythical American

When I first introduced the idea that Superman was a mythical hero in 1992, the notion came as a surprise to many. Over time it became acceptable to most. Today we can safely say that mythology plays a similar role in American culture and ideology that it did in ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome.