Book of Job: A Vision of God

This essay is among the more popular on this site. It outlines the principle of the Lord-victim. Job who at the beginning of the story was God’s preferred character, is suddenly and for no reason, cast out of favor. Our hero who once at the top of system that he controlled is now an outcast and rejected from that world. As a pariah, he sees the system as an outsider and is able to perceive the whole reality of lordship and victim.


Exodus: God’s Presence in the Desert

In terms of the religious studies, Exodus is perhaps the most invaluable text that describes the birth a religion: The story of a leader without a kingdom and a people in search of the Promised Land.


God the Father: The Patriarchal Tradition

An outlined of basic concepts of God in the Old Testament.


Creation and Goddess Symbols in Genesis 1-3

A mythical exploration on the meaning of creation disclosing obscure goddess symbols in Genesis II, followed by a discourse on the drama of the fall of Adam and Eve.