Mary Magdalene, Metaphorical Tower and the Good News

Michael Rizzotti   In addition to his twelve disciples Jesus had a group of devoted women followers. Mary Magdalene stands out by the number of times her name is mentioned in the Gospels. She’s the first among all the disciples to acknowledge the resurrected body of Christ. Throughout history her image has been popular in […]


Apostle Paul’s Spiritual Experience: A Universal Manner of Being

Michael Rizzotti No matter if one is religious or agnostic, Paul’s letters are compelling pieces of literature. Part confession, part exhortation, and part reprimand, his epistles are a gripping expression of a call to duty in the face of what the Apostle perceived to be an eminent end of days. Although the world did not […]


The Risen Lord: On Sovereignty and Tyranny

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of Christianity’s most central creed. It is also one that is subject to literal as well as spiritual interpretations. The contention between the two stems from a lexical ambiguity of the term “body,” a word that, in respect to spiritual salvation, signifies a group of believers; an assembly, […]


The Holy Trinity & the Sacred Triad

The Holy Trinity as a dynamic interaction between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This dynamic triad also relates to a spiritual synergy between the sacred, the profane and the wholly other.


The Mother of God: The Overshadowed Reality of God

Additional inquest into the nature and identity of the Holy Spirit and the profane reality of the Mother of God.


The Holy Spirit: The Profane Reality of the Trinity

Attempts to reveal the essence of the most elusive person of the Holy Trinity, the nurturing Giver of Life.


God the Son: The Scapegoat

A portrait of Jesus in terms of whom he chose to share his presence with; the outcasts and the powerless. Paying the price for his love of God and his followers. This love was seen as threat to the established order by ignoring the religious and political authority.