Teilhard de Chardin: A Human Phenomenon

A tribute to a scholar and visionary mystic who predicted the advent of the noosphere we call today the World Wide Web, as well as additional definitions and clarifications about some of his ideas.


The Inauguration of the Washington National Monument

A step by step re-enactment of the building and inauguration of the giant obelisk. The erection of the Washington National Monument stands as a visible sign that celebrates the mythical foundation of its founding Father, revealing in the process how myth and politics blend-in together to generate an ideological consolidation of power.


The Mythical Quest for Independence

A mythical quest of a paradise lost by the people of Quebec. Their lone search for cultural affirmation and recognition in a North American Anglo dominium.


A Preface to The Quest for Independence

Biographical notes as a prelude to the article on The Mythical Quest for Independence.


Zuni Cosmology

This short essay allows us to display a splendid Zuni mythology. In many respects,
the Zuni represent a beautiful example of the aboriginal cultures that thrived in North America. It allows us to disclose the Zuni’s conception of the world which was created long before the West made its imprint on the whole continent.