Censure & Wikipedia: Concluding comments

We would like to wrap up this category with some observations about the blockings and speculate about their repercussion on the future of Wikipedia. The reason for the blocking is: “Because it (the links) appears to be mainly intended or used for publicity and/or promotional purposes” We believe there is a double standard in the […]


Censure & Wikipedia: the last trial

On 7/24 we linked the article The Da Vinci Code and Mary Magdelene as an external link to the subject of Mary Magdalene using a different username. The external link was removed for the following reason: “The link you added to Mary Magdalene  was a blog post, which is discouraged under our external links policies.  […]


Censure & Wikipedia: The second occurence

On 13 July 2010 I decided to try and link my essays to Wikipedia again on the subjects listed below using a different user name. Links to Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Superman were avoided because these Wikipedia entries were what appeared to be under the control of the media and movie industries and the […]


Censure & Wikipedia: “Blocked Indefinitely”

This is the third posting on the subject. We would like to share with our readers the reason(s) given for the blocking of links we added on Wikipedia on the subjects outlined below. These blocks were executed by an anonymous and ominous editor named Kurt Shaped Box. Links to: The Book of Job, Iron Man, […]


Censure & Wikipedia: The first occurrence

We are currently blocked from adding netage.org links on Wikipedia on subjects like “Book of Job”, “Superman “, “The Da Vinci Code” and “Mary Magdalene”, just to mention a few. We would like the reader to decide if these links contribute to the understanding of the subject matter. And if this censure does not contradict […]


Censure & Wikipedia

I have been banned from editing pages on Wikipedia by  an editor who does not believe in open source or Wikipedia: “You are currently unable to edit pages on Wikipedia. You can still read pages, but you cannot edit or create them. Editing from Netage has been disabled by Kurt Shaped Box for the following […]